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Just made this for the links

Pretty silly, huh?

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Video Embedding
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for people that love video embedding sites / NWS...sorta kinda maybe...ish
You are welcome to post vids to this community if you join. Adult content or not, nothing needs to be behind an LJ·cut unless its multiples...and you really don't need to do that. You wanna post more than one video, make a new post.

I'm the kind of moderator that believes there's no such thing as posting too much.

  • Rules:

    • Tags are allowed in this community but keep them basic. Since the 1000 tag limit went into effect I've had a hell of a time with my other comms. Tags should be limited to the source of the videos: youtube.com, metacafe.com, redtube.com, etc.

    • YouTube has a habit of removing copyrighted videos but seem to only be able to detect them after they've been embedded. If you want to post something from there and you think it's copyrighted...forget the embedding for that one and just post a link to it. We don't want to encourage them to remove stuff.

    • You don't need to use LJ·cuts in this community unless you're posting multiples...which I'd prefer you only do if it's some kind of series. If you wanna post a bunch of different things feel free to string one post after another rather than multiple videos to the same post.

A lot of sites have simple embedding that will work on it's own when copied and pasted into a post. Most, however, don't. For cases like that, use this:

Put the embedded content where it says "embedding". Sites I'm aware of that don't need this are youtube.com, metacafe.com, & vids.myspace.com and that's about it.

All embedded video sites currently used at this comm: Clicky!

If you want to advertise any kind of community please do so at Livejournal OverdoseWe·Need·a·Life and not here. I used to allow advertising in any of my communities if it kept to the theme of that community but I'd like to cut down on that a bit...until it dwindles to nothing.

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your moderator is The DopplegangerRay
If you've got anything you need to talk with me about, complaints or questions or suggestions, do so here: Clicky!

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